©1998 80-Z Music, Inc.
words and music by Ellen Allard
All Rights Reserved.

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Chorus: We’re cooking, we’re cleaning, getting ready for Shabbat
We’re cooking, we’re cleaning, getting ready for a day of rest.

Verse 1:
Dice the onions, cut the carrots, pare the parsnips for the chicken soup we’ll make
Mix the matzo balls, cut the kugel, bake the challah and the yummy apple cake. Chorus

Verse 2:
Dust the living room, mop the kitchen floor, set the table for Shabbat we’ll celebrate
Find the candlesticks, find the kiddush cup, find the challah cover and the challah plate. Chorus

Verse 3:
In our temples, in our houses, in our hearts we have a place for Sabbath light.
All together, everybody, everywhere on Friday night it’s such a sight. Chorus

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