Belly Breaths of Gratitude

Ellen AllardUncategorized

toronto travel 1My cup is overflowing. I have had an astonishing run of performances and workshops over the last few weeks. The inside of my suitcase has barely seen the light of day. And while I’m sleep deprived and often have to stop and remember which airport I’m walking through, I have nothing but gratitude and a heart so full of music and smiles and love that it can barely be contained.

During my travels, when I’m rehearsing or performing or leading services or facilitating workshops or simply having in-person FaceTime with people, I must remain present. Oh yes, occasionally I have a slip of attention, and for brief moments I might think about my grandkids or wonder whether my car will be snowed in when I get home or whether my golf lessons will truly help me not embarrass myself when I play my first round of 18 holes. But for the most part, I stay grounded and focused on exactly what or whom is in my direct line of attention.

But then, when I’m sitting on the airplane, heading home, and have some quiet alone time to decompress, I reflect, and I breathe in deep belly breaths of gratitude. And I pray that the work I do, the work that fills my cup to overflowing, this minstrel life that I’m privileged to lead, fulfills my goal of using music to build community, to help people of all ages connect to each other, to feel loved.

I hope that you are doing what you love to do, that your cup is overflowing. In your work, in your play. May it always be so.

xoxo, Ellen