Count Your Blessings
©1999 80-Z Music, Inc.
words & music by Ellen Allard
from the CD Good Kid by Peter & Ellen Allard
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You can count your blessings, 1-2-3
When you count your blessings, you will see
That the world is a wonderful place to be
When you count your blessings, 1-2-3.

Blessings come in all shapes and all sizes
Sometimes you can’t even tell
When you least expect it,
you suddenly find that your life is going very well.  Chorus

Everything happens with meaning and purpose
Each of us finds our own way
When you keep your eyes open,
you’ll see that your life is a miracle
each & every day.  Chorus

Please remember to count yourself, you’re a blessing too
You bring joy to others, don’t you know it’s true?