Ellen’s Fee Schedule

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My Fee Information

I am so blessed to do the work that I do. I can hardly even call it work, as it is my passion. It drives everything I do, each and every day.

When you call to inquire about my coming to your community, our conversation begins with a dream, a vision. And this holds true whether I’m doing a small concert or a large multi-day Artist-In-Residency.

What is your vision for my visit? What have you seen me do that you would like recreated at your venue? What needs does your venue have? How can I best serve your population? Will my visit include working in a secular or Jewish setting? Will I be working with children, with adults, with both? Are you only interested in my music work? Worship services? My yoga work? My health coaching programs? My text study combined with music, health coaching and yoga?

Many years ago, I received a postcard from my plumber. It listed the many elements that go into the work he did, the work that I was billed for each time he came to my home to repair something. In addition to the time he spent at my home doing his work, his fee reflected his training and his travel and his office work and his equipment. Just for starters.

His postcard helped me realize how important it is to articulate all that I do (and have done) to prepare me to do the work I do when I perform concerts or lead worship services or present keynotes or teach music or yoga classes or coach someone to lead a healthy life. You see, it’s not just the work I do when I’m at your venue. Consider this:

  • 55+ years of studying piano, guitar, banjo, recorder, accordion, mandolin, and voice
  • Bachelor of Music Performance & Education, Master of Education
  • Orff and Kodaly music method training
  • Conducting award-winning children’s choirs
  • My commitment to providing developmentally appropriate programming for your population
  • Elementary music teacher
  • Preschool music teacher
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach (coaching clients and teaching cooking)
  • Certified children’s yoga teacher
  • 10+ years of private Torah study with my beloved rabbi
  • Teaching college classes
  • Thousands and thousands of miles I’ve traveled to do the thousands and thousands of gigs I’ve done for over 40 years including keynotes, workshops, concerts, classes, Tot Shabbat, Wow Worship services
  • Award-winning recording artist with 14 self-published recordings and 5 songbooks
  • Songwriter with over 250 songs in my catalog
  • The passion, dedication, and energy I bring to my work and my life

And then there’s all the time I spend in my office preparing for your gig, and that’s only after we’ve had several conversations to clarify your vision for my visit.

There is so much that goes into how my fee is determined. So, this is why I won’t begin my conversation with you by talking about my fee.

When we get to the money part of the conversation and I quote my fee, I want you to understand how I arrived at it. Chances are it will be less than what some other artists charge, and also more than what some artists charge. However, please know that there is always room for negotiation. Am I already going to be in your area? What time of year will I be with you? What does your dream look like for my visit? Have I visited before (repeat visits get reduced fees). Is there a possibility to collaborate with other interested sponsors in your area? Are you budget-challenged?

I would love to start a conversation with you. When you email or call, you won’t get my manager or booking agent in some office somewhere. I don’t have a booking manager or an agent. I’ll be the one answering your questions. Together, we’ll make my visit a reality.

I  look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to email me at ellen@ellenallard.com or call me at 508-954-0540. Let’s make this happen!

Just a little something I do when I’m in a doodling mood! It’s called Zentangle.

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