[av_textblock size=’17’ font_color=” color=”] All Dressed Up
words & music by Peter & Ellen Allard
©2000 80-Z Music, Inc.
from the CD Good Kid by Peter & Ellen Allard
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Idy Idy Idy Oh
All dressed up and nowhere to go
Idy Idy Idy Oh.
Idy Idy Oh.

First I put on my underwear
I choose it with the greatest care.
It’s comfort that I’m wanting there.

Over my head my shirt it goes
It keeps me warm when the cold wind blows
The sleeves are fine for wipin’ me nose
Idy Idy Oh.


I notice as I take my stance
I can’t forget to wear my pants
Be seen without them not a chance
Idy Idy Oh.

I put on my socks they’re next in line
With polka dots they’re might fine
They once belonged to Calvin
Idy Idy Oh.

Upon my feet my sneakers go
Right from left that’s all I know
There’s nothing to tie, I’ve got Velcro
Idy Idy Oh.

I look in the mirror and take a bow
I got myself dressed somehow
I bet my teachers will say wow
Idy Idy Oh.

I walk outside to take the bus
I wonder was it worth the fuss
Cause it’s Saturday I must be nuts
Idy Idy Oh.