Early Childhood Jewish Music Training for Clergy

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“Ellen Allard has taught me everything I know about Jewish children’s music. She infuses her teaching with so much energy that you can’t help but dance while you sing! Ellen is patient, passionate and creative. A perfect combination.”
~Laura Stein, HUC Cantorial student

“Ellen Allard and her music are a gift to synagogues, religious schools, and Jewish parents everywhere. She is able to bring out the most important values and lessons of the Jewish faith in a way that children of all ages enjoy to sing. Ellen is a consummate teacher and she sets the gold standard for engaging young children and families in meaningful prayer experiences.”
~Rabbi Yoni Regev

Ellen shares her signature “6 Steps To Creating a Blueprint for Kid-Friendly Bima & Classroom Success” staff development workshop during her Artist-In-Residency visits. These are specifically designed for rabbis and cantors who want to advance their skills in order to feel comfortable and confident when sharing music with young children.

When taught as part of Ellen’s Artist-In-Residency, it is taught as a single stand-alone live session. For clergy who want a longer training session customized for their particular needs, Ellen suggests registering for her Private Skype Clergy/Teacher Training sessions.

Here is a small taste of what Ellen teaches during these sessions:

        • how to choose songs that are hands-down winners for young children
        • how to get kids to respond favorably to the music you share
        • how to sequence a song session that will keep the kids focused, interested and excited
        • how to use movement to spice up your music classes
        • how to “supersize” your songs thereby helping your students “grow” with the songs
        • how to run a wildly successful music session when you don’t play an instrument
        • how to repeat a song week after week and still have the kids begging for it again!
        • how to punt when what they’re doing isn’t working
        • how to leave your ego at the door
        • how to effectively use your body when teaching music to young children

For more information, email ellen@ellenallard.com.