Early Childhood Jewish Teacher Workshops and/or Keynote Presentations

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Shir Ruach: Making Music Come Alive For Young Children
Bravo! Kudos! Sensational! But we expected no less from you. Thanks for a wonderful, inspirational Keynote and breakout session yesterday. Teachers who attended approached both Diana and me during the day and said how much they learned in just this one day. A gal who resigned a teaching job to direct a newly opened center stopped me to say how much more confident she felt about developing her newly hired staff now that she herself had learned how to identify/quantify skills learned through music. You rocked it! ~Tina Stone, Early Childhood Music Educator

Join multi-award winning recording artist Ellen Allard as she shares her creative repertoire of developmentally-appropriate songs, chants, fingerplays and singing games, all guaranteed to engage you and your students in the magic of music! Learn interactive songs that will support every aspect of your early childhood program while nurturing Jewish traditions and adding “ruach” to your program. Includes Judaic and secular content. Lots of participation!

For more information, email ellen.allard18@gmail.com.