45% LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT – Hanukah 11 Sheet Music Bundle (plus 12th + 13th bonus song)


As dedicated music teachers, we all agree that one of our primary goals is getting students excited about singing. One way to do this is by sharing engaging songs (LIMITED TIME 45% DISCOUNT). Using this collection gives you the chance to significantly expand your repertoire and learn the most successful songs for teaching young children about Hanukah.

You love the traditional Hanukah songs like “I Have A Little Dreidel”. But you’d like to have more than the dreidel song in your repertoire.

1. This collection offers you my most popular and most requested Hanukah songs (including a bonus 12th song + a 13th song written 11/28/23 will be sent to you as soon as sheet music is done).

2. Using these songs will enable you to create an outstanding Hanukah music experience.

3. You’ll love sharing songs that your students will be over-the-moon enthusiastic about. AND they’ll want to sing these songs long after the 8th Hanukah candle is lit.

I’ve included an assortment of age-appropriate songs that can be used with children ranging in age from 3 – 10. Adults will like them too! When they see their children, grandchildren and students singing songs and rocking the house with enthusiasm, you’ll know that you’ve done your job!

Songs include:

1. A Great Miracle Happened There
2. Chocolate Gelt
3. Flickering Flame
4. Judah Maccabee, The Hammer
5. Let The Light Shine In
6. Light The Lights Of Hanukah
7. See The Hanukah Candles
8. Sufganiyot
9. We Kindle The Lights
10. Where Is The Oil?
11. Yodelay Do Potato
12. *Bonus song #1: Hanukah Is Here
13. *Bonus song #2: Ha Ha Hanukah

Sheet music features melody, lyrics and chords.

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