words & music by Ellen Allard
©1997 80-Z Music, Inc.
from Sing Shalom: Songs for the Jewish Holidays CD (physical CD of download CD)

Tot Shabbat, we’re gonna have a little Tot Shabbat,
We’re gonna sing a bunch of bop-shoo-wop
We’re gonna dance around and pray alot
You’re all invited to the Tot Shabbat
Come on everybody Tot Shabbat.

Verse 1:
We’ll say the candle blessings and the kiddush too
Hamotzi lechem min ha-a-retz, Shema and Barechu
We’ll dance around the Torah say Shabbat Shalom
Hugs and kisses all around and then we’ll go home
But first.


Verse 2:
We’ll invite the Shechinah into our house of peace
She can join us at the table for our Sabbath feast
We’ll pass along traditions from long ago
And learn about our heritage so we can grow
But first


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